Want To Feng Shui Your Home? Add Chrome Items

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of bringing balance to a space and ensuring that everyone harmonises with the room, building or garden. There are five elements in Feng Shui, of which metal is one. And the Star of Mysore recently pointed out that adding chrome touches to your interior decor could help you […]

On Trend With Chrome Makeup

Chrome has been enjoying something of a resurgence in the fashion world this year, with a number of celebrities spotted in chrome outfits, shoes and accessories. It seems only natural then that the sleek silver-coloured metal would make its way to our makeup sooner or later – and that’s exactly what’s happened. So Feminine recently […]

Fiat 500 Gets Chrome Makeover for 60th Birthday

If you really love your car, you’ll no doubt have looked into chrome plating to make your motor really special. If you try to buy a car straight from the showroom with chrome plating details, it’s far more likely to be a special or limited edition, so doing it yourself can save you a lot […]