Use Textures And Mixed Metals To Create Spa-Like Bathroom

How much thought have you given to the decor in your bathroom? For many of us a quick coat of paint and possibly replacing the tiles every few years is as far as we get. But one interior designer believes bathrooms are under-utilised spaces in our homes and that we could all do more to […]

Nike Airs Get A Chrome Touch

There seem to be few items that have escaped the metallic touch this year, and now Nike Air trainers are following the fashion crowds, with the sportswear adding a splash of chrome to its distinctive shoes. According to Hypebae, the new VaporMax String edition of the Nike Air for women features an interesting blend of […]

Best 3 Chrome Alloy Cleaners

  If your alloys are looking worn then you might be interested in our chrome restoration to bring that perfect shine back to your wheels, when cleaning just won’t cut the mustard. For most car enthusiasts keeping your vehicle looking its best can be a never-ending task – and wheels and alloys usually are the […]

How To Use Metallics In Your Lighting Scheme

If you have an existing light fitting that you want to give a new lease of life to, you might be interested in the best available. When it comes to your home interiors, whether you’re confident in your choices or are someone who looks for a little guidance, one of the biggest decisions in your […]

New Nintendo 2DS XL Gets A Chrome Look

Metallics are a hot trend everywhere this season it seems, and the gaming sector is no exception. Nintendo recently announced that its new 2DS XL will come in a Dragon Quest Liquid Metal edition. The console features a metal slime design, with a cute face that’s raised so it looks like it’s looking at you […]