4 Great Chrome Plated Gifts

Birthdays, christenings, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day… there are so many occasions that we all have to shop for year in, year out that it can be difficult to consistently find amazing presents. However, chrome plated gifts are always a winner. Here are four great ideas.


Salvador Dali Melting Clock



Check out this wonderful melting clock inspired by Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. It can sit on all stable flat surfaces (including fireplaces!) and the chrome plate will look brilliant among all your other home furnishings.


Classic chrome bicycle bell



Got a pal who loves to ride bikes? This vintage-inspired chrome-plated bell would be the perfect present. It’ll look fab on their bicycle and the chrome will ensure it stands the test of time.


Personalised glasses case



If you know someone who’s always losing their glasses, a chrome-plated glasses case is the way to go present-wise. This one can be personalised with a loving message as well.


Chrome helicopter paperweight



It can be so annoying at work when your papers fly off your desk – but put all that stress and worry behind you with this beautiful chrome-plated helicopter paperweight. That’s not all though, because this clever little gadget also comes with three ballpoint pens in different colours and one highlighter as the rotary blades. Amazing!

So there you have it – four great gifts to help you when you’re next out shopping for a present. And don’t forget, you can also have your own items plated if you pay chrome plating services experts a visit!