6 Chrome Jewellery Gift Ideas

Christmas may be a few months away but it’s never too early to start getting your ideas together for a perfect gift. Chrome plated jewellery is an unconventional but stylish alternative to silver and keeps its glittering shine with far less work.

If you’re shopping for him, chrome plated cufflinks look great with formal wear. Conversely, the ease with which chrome can be applied means there are lots of quirky designs available to suit all tastes. A chrome belt buckle would be a great companion piece and are similarly available in a range of styles.

Tie pins are making a return to style and chrome makes the perfect material for a classic look, and with men’s fashion sporting increasingly tailored looks, this would be a great time to get ahead of the pack.

If it’s her you’re shopping for, there is a wide choice of chrome jewellery available online or on the high street. Bracelets look great in a polished chrome, as do necklaces. Personalised pendants or broaches are great gifts too, and both look terrific with a high shine.

Another piece of jewellery that looks great in chrome is a ring. Either simple or ornate, a chrome ring will really stand out and be an attention grabbing accessory. Gemstones set into the chromes really bring your jewellery to life.

If you’re looking for a truly personal gift, why not chrome plate existing jewellery to add new life to an already treasured artefact. Call now to discuss all your chrome plating needs.