8.2 Million Of Us Have Started Christmas Shopping Already!

There’s nothing like being a bit organised, is there? But when it comes to Christmas, everyone else getting the jump on the festive season early can make you feel a bit stressed out! There is such a thing as starting too early, perhaps… although you don’t want to leave it too late!

New American Express research has just revealed that with 99 days to go until Christmas, 8.2 million of us have already started their festive shopping… with Liverpudlians emerging as the most prepared so far this year. Some 28 per cent of them have already started their shopping, followed by Brighton folk (26 per cent) and Glaswegians (22 per cent).

We are mid-way through September so even if you don’t want to go shopping just yet, it can’t hurt to sit down and think about what you’re going to get everyone. That way when you are ready to spend, you can simply fetch your list and get it all done in an hour or two… simples!

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