Adidas Unveils Chrome-Toed Trainer

Adidas is well-known for pushing boundaries with the design of its sportswear, and its trainers are certainly no different.

The company has recently unveiled a new take on its Pro Model, which is a sleek and classic design.

This particular version of the shoe is white with the standard black stripes, but now sports a chrome toe. According to Kicks On Fire, the toe is covered in actual chrome metal, not just chrome-look leather, making it that bit more special.

Aside from the metallic toe detail, the trainers are decidedly understated, with a white sole and a simple black tab showing the Adidas logo silhouetted in white.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the sporting giant is introducing metal-toed trainers given the current trend for metallic clothing.

You only had to glance at the red carpet at the Grammy awards to see how the trend for chrome-look clothing has been embraced by celebrities and designers alike. And where the rich and famous lead, the rest of us tend to follow.

Among those dazzling in chrome-look outfits at that particular Hollywood occasion was singer Katy Perry, in her Tom Ford gown in liquid chrome, and Heidi Klum, who donned a mini dress in shimmering chrome fabric.

If you can’t quite afford to splash out on designer dresses and high-end Adidas trainers to keep up with current fashion trends, you could send some of your existing accessories to be chrome plated. If you don’t want to go all out and customise your shoes, maybe you could choose an old piece of jewellery that’s in need of some TLC to get the chrome treatment.