Black Friday Weekend Sales Could Reach £4.9 Billion

In less than two weeks’ time, UK shoppers will be splashing their cash on Christmas presents and expensive items all over the country in order to bag a bargain.

And as the event has grown in popularity considerably over the years and much has been publicised about the impressive discounts that can be found on both the high street and e-retailer websites, it is expected that sales will exceed £4.9 billion between Black Friday (November 25th) and the following Monday.

This is according to Credit Cards, which recently anticipated households will shell out £175 each on sales that weekend, with as much as nine per cent planning to get most of their Christmas gifts over the four days.

The price comparison site’s Matt Sanders said: “Our research shows that British shoppers have wholeheartedly embraced the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to bag bargains and kick-start their Christmas shopping.”

Last year’s sales reached an unexpected £3.3 billion for the long weekend. However, as more and more retailers get involved in the sales, it is likely sales figures will easily supersede this amount this year.

The survey found 34 per cent of shoppers plan to check out the weekend’s sales, and seven per cent think they will spend more than £500 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

While many of these purchases will be spontaneous, 24 per cent of consumers said they research the item they want before Black Friday and simply grab the deal when it becomes available.

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