Brits’ Idea Of A Perfect Shopping Trip Revealed

Whether you’re heading into town for a new party dress or to pick up some sparkling new jewellery, us Brits have a specific idea about how we like to shop.


Firstly, the ideal time to go is Saturday morning, beginning at 10:28 and heading home around three hours later. We like to visit nine stores, spend less than seven minutes queuing, and reward ourselves with a meal, coffee or cake as well.


This is according to research conducted by MDNA, which asked more than 2,000 shoppers about their habits.


The study revealed people try on six items, spend around £100 and update their social media sites with their purchases.


Jasmine Birtles, founder of and TV presenter, said: “For many, shopping is not just a job that needs doing but a hobby. People will go on a shopping trip as a fun way to spend a Saturday or a day off work rather than simply because they need to buy something.”


Some of the things that make a shopping trip perfect include fitting into a size smaller, treating yourself, discovering the item you’re buying is cheaper than you thought, and finding something you have wanted for ages in the sale.


The survey also found Brits love a bargain, and 60 per cent of shoppers look for retailer discounts when they’re out and about.


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