Chrome – The Only Customisation For Cars

When it comes to chrome plating, we’re used to seeing it on wheels, rims and grills. It really does make a vehicle stand out, but it also makes the car easier to clean dust and dirt off it, while also being beautiful, durable and versatile. But have you ever considered having your entire car wrapped in chrome? […]

The Key Benefits Of Chrome Plating

There are many reasons for considering going to chrome plating services to have something plated but you might be tempted by the idea of using other metals, like gold, silver or platinum. While these can give your items a lovely finish, chrome may be the better option depending on what it is you’re going to […]

What Is Chrome Plating Used For?

Chromium. That’s what people are referring to when they talk about chrome, one of the 92 chemical elements. What you’ll find is that products are never made out of solid chrome. Yes, it’s a metal but it has no use as a solid substance on its own. Instead, chrome plating – a thin layer of […]