Chrome Plating Back In Drivers’ Seat At Car Show

Exhibitors at IAA, the Frankfurt Motor Show, took chrome plating for cars to a new level, with some of the biggest car-makers in the world bringing bling. The event, which takes place in Frankfurt from September 14th-24th, is one of the biggest automotive events on the planet, and is a good indicator for future vehicle […]

8.2 Million Of Us Have Started Christmas Shopping Already!

There’s nothing like being a bit organised, is there? But when it comes to Christmas, everyone else getting the jump on the festive season early can make you feel a bit stressed out! There is such a thing as starting too early, perhaps… although you don’t want to leave it too late! New American Express […]

Could Chrome Plating Enlarge Your Hall?

Chrome plating is a great way of giving ordinary objects a new, modern lease of life, while the metallic effect can also help create the illusion of light and space. BT has revealed that using shiny materials can help make your hallway more interesting, and said that metallic detailing and metallic objects d’art could be […]

Want A Scandi-Style Bathroom? Make Sure You Have Chrome Taps

Scandinavian design styles have become incredibly popular all over the world, with more and more of us taking our interior decorating cues from concepts such as hygge. One room that many people want to give a Scandi makeover to is their bathroom, with a few interior design experts in Australia offering some top tips to […]

Prevent Tarnishing

If you are looking for chrome plating then you may want to find out how you can look after it best. While we have already gone over how best to clean your chrome, how about finding out how you should prevent it from tarnishing in the first place? There are a wide variety of ways […]