Chrome Cow Sculpture Drawing Crowds In Canada

A chrome metal sculpture of a cow, which has been installed in a public space in Markham, Ontario in Canada, has been drawing much criticism from local residents, but it’s also been attracting crowds keen to take their photos with Charity, the metal cow in question. 

Writing for Metro News, Matt Elliott explained why he loves this quirky addition to the neighbourhood. He noted that Charity was a famous milking cow before she became the inspiration for this unusual sculpture, which means as a subject she’s got ties to the local history.

He added that despite some residents being vocal about how much they dislike the sculpture, it’s done little to deter crowds from gathering to see Charity for themselves.

In fact, Mr Elliott noted that the sculpture, as well as other art installations elsewhere in Canada, have done far more than just court controversy, they have brought people together by “creating points of interest in communities”.

He went on to explain that from an urban planner’s perspective, this kind of art is what’s known as an activation – it’s what encourages people to make use of public spaces. And it isn’t just limited to art, it could be temporary events like musical performances or markets that have the same effect.

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