Polished Or Satin Chrome: What’s The Difference?

Whether you want to add a touch of chrome to your car, or you’re thinking of replacing some of your tired kitchen fittings with new chrome versions, you’ll want to make sure you get the right finish for your new addition.

Satin chrome has a matt finish and the colour is typically very uniform. It doesn’t have any kind of brush effect and it tends to be a little darker than brushed chrome. Brushed chrome also has a matt finish, but as its name suggests it looks like it has been brushed onto the fitting.

And then you have polished chrome. This finish is shiny, almost like a mirror. It can have a striking impact, but you need to be aware that it picks up fingerprints and other smudges really easily.

That means you’ll need to clean any polished chrome fittings more frequently than their satin chrome counterparts otherwise they can look dirty.

According to Doityourself, polished chrome within the home works better with traditional decor, while satin chrome fits better into a more modern setting, particularly if it’s paired with stainless steel.

Actually cleaning the fittings is the same regardless of the finish you choose. So it’s not that you need to clean polished chrome differently, just that you’re likely to need to do it more frequently.

If you want to revamp your interior, you could consider sending your fixtures to be chrome plated, rather than buying completely new accessories. This is a good option if you like the current style of your fixtures, but just want to bring them back to their best.