Use Textures And Mixed Metals To Create Spa-Like Bathroom

How much thought have you given to the decor in your bathroom? For many of us a quick coat of paint and possibly replacing the tiles every few years is as far as we get.

But one interior designer believes bathrooms are under-utilised spaces in our homes and that we could all do more to make them places of sanctuary, rather than just a functional place for a shower and toilet.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Sonya Cotter said that her aim in bathrooms is always to create a sense of calmness through a “cohesive design”.

Top considerations include light and storage space, and she believes that with open-plan living becoming increasingly popular, bathrooms will be seen more and more as a place of sanctuary.

When it comes to the design, she suggests thinking carefully about making sure there are places where you could rest a glass of wine or cup of tea, as well as somewhere to prop a book. Using different textures and mixed metals is another tip if you want to create a space that resembles a spa.

Sonya’s advice is to use more timber to add warmth, and to utilise different metals in the fixtures and fittings, with shiny chrome, copper and even brass finishes among the options.

“I really love the idea that bathrooms are a bit more of a secluded sanctuary than the bright light clinical bathrooms of the past,” she stated.

Investing in good quality products is important, but as we’re updating our decor more and more frequently, you may not want to splash out on new taps every few years. One option is to send any items like taps that are looking worn or that need updating to be chrome plated, giving them a new lease of life.


Another place where you can introduce metallic touches is in light fittings, with metals like nickel or chrome particularly suiting light and neutral spaces like many bathrooms.