Christmas Wrapping Idea – With A Scarf

Christmas is not far away, so now is the time to start thinking about the ideal gifts for the loved ones in your life. Maybe you are considering something especially thoughtful, such as chrome plating an old, well-loved necklace to give it a new lease of life, or another item of sentimental value.


Whatever you decide to give, the way it is wrapped is very important – the attention put into it will make the entire gift all the more special. If you do not fancy the traditional trappings of wrapping, why not consider an alternative idea?


Wrapping items with scarves is known as Furoshiki in Japan. Wrapping an item in a scarf is not only unusual, it is also incredibly easy. It also means that, unlike conventional wrapping paper, it can be used again, which is great for the environment and adds a bonus layer to the gift.


Charity shops are a great place to find scarves for wrapping. A square scarf is the best option– make sure the scarf is big enough so that the corners can meet when wrapped around the gift.


If you want to disguise or protect the item, place it in a box before wrapping, and factor in the size of this when selecting.


Place the item in the centre of your chosen scarf, making sure the sides of the item run diagonal to the edges of the scarf. Bring two opposite corners up and tie them together tightly, then do the same with the other two corners. You can then add a gift tag, ribbon, or maybe pin a brooch to the knot.


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