Incredible Chrome-Look Car Going To Auction

If you look at your car and think that you could make it more attractive with a bit of a makeover, consider taking a leaf out of American artist Ioan Florea’s book.

Back in 2013, he created an incredible work of art in the form of a 1971 Ford Torino – but this is far from a standard automotive.

The entire thing was 3D printed and it’s been embellished with a chrome-like outer shell, with 3D detailing covering the whole of the car, adding to its futuristic and impressive character. It first started gaining notoriety in 2014, according to 3ders, but now it’s going to be auctioned.

US auction house Barrett-Jackson will be offering this incredible piece of automotive art to the highest bidder this month at its Scottsdale Arizona sale.

The external shell is comprised of a number of abstract shapes, and Florea carefully built these around the shape of the car. He used one of the largest 3D printers in the world to create the moulds, and finished the look with an original 3D liquid metal transfer technique to get the chrome-like finish that makes it stand out.

We’re not suggesting that you rush out and buy a 3D printer to customise your car’s exterior, or coat the entire thing in chrome, but what you could do is add metallic touches here and there. Sending parts for chrome plating is often cheaper than buying new, and will allow you to update your auto without having to pick up something new from the forecourt.