Chrome Plating ‘Perfect’ For Internal Gun Components

Those of you interested in finding out more about gun coating technology might want to start looking into chrome plating services, as it’s been suggested that this particular option is perfect for internal gun components.

According to Shooting Illustrated, surface treatments like hard chrome aren’t popular any more for long gun exteriors but they work well for internal parts. Tactical rifle shooters, for example, could benefit from chrome-lined bores since this will provide wear and corrosion-resistance.

However, you should bear in mind that this kind of plating will add to the finished parts, so you’ll need to undersize your components by the thickness that your plate will add to them.

It was noted: “Chrome plating seems to do its best work inside of components subjected to high friction – but not hard impacts – and when done well, is still a great solution to limit erosion and wear.”

But – remember that chrome can be worn down if used on the likes of bolt-locking lugs, which can have an impact on safety, reliability and accuracy.

Plating is quite simply a metal finishing process that involves applying a metal coating to the surface of a part for a range of purposes, whether it’s to protect against corrosion or increase resistance to wear.

For firearm plating, a tough coating is produced that will provide you with incredible resistance against corrosion, as well as better lubricity. If you’re using your gun in wet or humid conditions, hard chrome plating is a great choice – and you can have it done in bright or matte finishes for a durable coat that is very hard to damage.