Could A Splash Of Chrome Elevate Your Interior?

There are always new interior design trends being highlighted, but it could be worth looking at how adding small features can elevate your interiors.

Forbes recently picked out 11 top interior design trends, including painting internal doors black and utilising reclaimed wood in your kitchen.

The idea behind having black, or dark, interior doors is to add some character to a space that is otherwise very white, or pale, in colour. According to the news provider it “adds instant elegance and contrast”.

Darker coloured paintwork shows off shiny metals like chrome perfectly – so if you go down this route you may want to send your door handles to a chroming service to coat them in the shiny metal.

Another trend highlighted by Forbes is replacing your existing light fittings with something more dramatic. Polished metals – like copper and chrome – can be a good option here to make something everyday into a bit more of a feature. also recently pointed out that metals are “on trend” when it comes to interior design, with creative director of Dinosaur Designs Louise Olsen telling the news provider that she’s excited to see the way metals and stones are currently being utilised.

“I think there’s an emerging sense of metallics with interesting metals and warm metals,” she asserted.

The great thing about using a chrome plating service to introduce a bit more metal to your home is that you don’t even need to buy new fixtures, as you can send your existing ones away to be chrome plated and get them back looking completely new.