The Key Benefits Of Chrome Plating

There are many reasons for considering going to chrome plating services to have something plated but you might be tempted by the idea of using other metals, like gold, silver or platinum. While these can give your items a lovely finish, chrome may be the better option depending on what it is you’re going to have plated.

Chrome itself is both beautiful and durable, which is no doubt why it’s such a popular option for people looking into plating. It may come as no surprise to you that the industry that uses chrome plating the most is the automotive sector, with the material now one of the most popular choices for finishes on trims, accessories, wheels and more.

The material first came into use properly back in the 70s when the process for electroplating plastics was finally worked out, with chrome added to plastic components in order to give them a beautiful lustrous finish.

The main benefits of using chrome for plating include the fact that the material costs a lot less than other metals like copper, silver and gold. These metals are also prone to tarnishing, oxidisation and corrosion, so while they may look beautiful at first, they’re not as long-lasting in plate form as chrome typically is.

Chrome is both hard wearing and very easy to clean, with the nickel that’s included in the coating process binding with the chromium to make it very resistant to corrosion. The chromium plate is stain and abrasion resistant so it’s perfect for items that are likely to take quite a lot of wear and tear over the years.