Black Friday Sales Up On 2015

Now that the dust has settled on Christmas and we’ve been able to take stock of the gifts we were given, along with the calculating how much we spent, retailers have been doing the same.

And it seems that Black Friday was a much bigger shopping event this November than in 2015, with IMRG reporting a 24 per cent growth in retail sales in the 2016 Black Friday period compared to the previous year.

In a report compiling statistics from various sources, GfK revealed that we also started shopping for Christmas much earlier this year, with spending higher in November than it was in December.

So could it be that we all just got more organised, or did the likes of Black Friday encourage us to dip into our wallets a little earlier?

And the organisation also pointed to the growth in e-retail sales in November, with purchases climbing by 23 per cent year-on-year.

Given that you can find all kinds of customisable gifts online, as well as the likes of chrome plating services that enable you to revamp treasured items to give as gifts, it’s no surprise that a growing number of us are turning to the internet when buying presents.

It also seems that the new year hasn’t dampened our spirits too much, with British consumers feeling more cheerful in January, both about our own financial situations and the state of the economy, according to the latest results from the GfK Consumer Confidence Index.

Although the organisation points out that most of us aren’t intending to spend on any big items at present, so it seems our optimism only extends so far