Is Your Junk Worth £15k?

It may be time to head to an antique shop to find out how valuable your old possessions are after it was revealed that Brits’ bric-a-brac is potentially worth £14,978.

You could find all sorts of treasure hidden in your home, including old jewellery, toys and stamps. Nearly a third of people do not have a clue as to the value of their belongings, while 44 per cent of UK adults keep things they think they may be valuable in a safe.

Natasha Rachel Smith, consumer affairs editor for, said people may have goldmines at home, adding: “Our research has uncovered a serious issue with Brits not knowing the value of their items, and, as a result, are risking not insuring curios that may be worth thousands of pounds.”

Among the items that are worth the most are jewellery (43 per cent), toys (23 per cent), collectables (22 per cent), art (22 per cent), watches (22 per cent) and memorabilia (19 per cent). Books, stamp collections, china and precious stones also tend to be worth something.

Despite Brits potentially holding a lot of cash in their home, 63 per cent said they would not sell their valuables, with 41 per cent claiming their sentimental significance is more important to them.

However, if you do get your items valued and find they are not worth as much as you hoped, all is not lost. You can always give jewellery and watches a new lease of life with chrome plating services.

This will cover your possession in a layer of chrome metal to make it look fresh and new, enabling someone to enjoy the earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings or timepiece once again.