Fiat 500 Gets Chrome Makeover for 60th Birthday

If you really love your car, you’ll no doubt have looked into chrome plating to make your motor really special. If you try to buy a car straight from the showroom with chrome plating details, it’s far more likely to be a special or limited edition, so doing it yourself can save you a lot on the forecourt price.

Take, for example, the new Fiat 500 convertible – a special edition to celebrate the model’s 60th birthday. Only 250 of this limited edition will be available in the UK, with the first 60 being individually numbered, given a limited edition plate and a certificate of authenticity – a real collector’s edition.

Of course, there’s a price tag to match, starting at just under £20,000. With that you’ll get beautiful chrome wing mirrors and alloys, as well as some more exclusive features.

This model comes with vintage Fiat logos and a special badge with a red ’60’ in the last two figures of the ‘500’ logo.

This scheme carries on into the colours of the vehicle – with grey and cream, piped with a flash of red – take a look at it now on The Car expert.

As a luxury product, this car doesn’t skimp on all the mod-cons as standard, with light and parking sensor and smartphone interactivity included. They’re available to order now, but you may see them on the roads by July.

But of course, if the £20,000 price tag doesn’t suit your budget, you can create your own look using our chrome plating services!