How To Use Metallics In Your Lighting Scheme

If you have an existing light fitting that you want to give a new lease of life to, you might be interested in the best available. When it comes to your home interiors, whether you’re confident in your choices or are someone who looks for a little guidance, one of the biggest decisions in your home interior scheme is lighting

It’s important to make sure you get the correct size, shape and colour for each room. When choosing a metallic finish for your lighting fixtures don’t be afraid to use more than one, often mixing can create a great dramatic look and bring an extra depth to a room.

If your interior style leans more towards neutrals such as white and grey tones ,opt for metallic metals of nickel and chrome, but for those warming shades of cream and taupe select something with a brassy bronze hue.

Kfox TV spoke to interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco, who offered up her advice on how to use lighting effectively in your home.

“You want to select a dominant metal, and then build around it” she said. “It’s OK to pull the chandelier that seems like it belongs in a formal dining room and put it in a bathroom”.

Remember to take your time when choosing you lighting, it’s always a great idea to create an inexpensive mood board to see how everything collates together. Head to your local hardware store where you’ll be able to collect paint and wallpaper samples, you’ll often order free fabric swatches online.

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