Leicester City Change Car Colours From Blue

When it comes to beautiful cars, our chrome plating services have played part in creation of many jaw-dropping super cars, but it’s not the only process for giving an existing car a radical makeover. Custom colour wraps are also popular with luxury car-owners, and none more right now than the players of Leicester City Football Club.

After their spectacular Premiership win last year, all contributing players were handed over BMW i8s worth £100,000 by the club owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

However, towing the party line, these BMWs were all the same blue in line with the team colours, without much thought of the practicalities. It seems that 19 identical cars all parked in the stadium parking lot was not much fun for players, who complained of never being able to find their cars.

Now, according to reports by the BBC, at least 7 players have ordered colour wraps to change their supercar and make it more distinguishable from the rest. Wraps are like large vinyl stickers, and won’t damage the original paintwork of the car.

Therefore, it might not too much of an issue when the players are made to change them back after a backlash from fans on Twitter and elsewhere, who complained about the players changing the gifted cars from the colour of the team that they earned it from.

Maybe, just maybe, some custom chrome fittings would have been the perfect alternative to pimp out their cars and make a point of difference from others without supporting their long-suffering fans!