Keep Your Chrome Jewellery Safe As Student Burglary Hotspots Revealed

Students heading off to university this month have been warned to look after their property carefully after the burglary hotspots around the country were revealed.

MoneySuperMarket’s latest research found Twickenham to have the most insurance claims made by university attendees with 33.64 claims per 1,000 quotes, followed by Leeds (30.34), Bradford (27.21), Huddersfield (26.67) and Egham (26.27).

Those heading to university in West Yorkshire, in particular, should keep their chrome-plated jewellery, cars, laptops, gadgets, smartphones and tablets safe as three of the most burgled student areas are in the county.

Consumer affairs expert at the price comparison site Kevin Pratt reminded students to take out insurance and make sure their policy covers all their needs, for instance shared accommodation.

“University is meant to be a time where people gain knowledge and experience of their subject and of the wider world. But it shouldn’t be a place where students have to learn about the misery, inconvenience and cost of being burgled,” he stated.

Mr Pratt recommended always locking doors, even if you are just popping to a friend’s room, never leaving laptops or phones unattended, and getting your landlord to secure sturdy locks on exterior doors and windows in rented lodgings.

Students these days have much more valuable items than in the past, with the average university goer taking £1,896 worth of possessions with them, according to Admiral. For 22 per cent of students, this increases to more than £3,000.

One way to cut down on the number of costly items you bring is to use chrome plating services in the UK on your watch and jewellery, so they look more expensive than they are.

To find out how popular your area is among thieves, tap your postcode into MoneySuperMarket’s Student Burglary Claims Calculator.