Weddings Cost More Than £52k With Guest Expenses

Weddings seem to get more expensive every year – and not just for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well.

According to recent research from Sainsbury’s Bank, couples spend £13,200 on average when they tie the knot. However, guests typically fork out £423 whenever they watch their friend or relative get hitched, when all the expenses are taken into account.

Among the things they spend money on are wedding gifts (£91), outfits (£91), accommodation (£89), transport (£50), shoes (£39), hair and beauty treatments (£37), and babysitters (£26).

Those who also attend a hen or stag do can expect to pay £92 on average, taking their entire expenditure to £515.

Head of banking at the financial services provider Simon Ranson said: “Our research shows that weddings are expensive for guests as well as the hosts, so planning ahead and budgeting is a must for anyone planning or attending one.”

One way couples can cut down on their wedding costs is by avoiding spending lots of money on expensive gold or platinum rings. Instead they could get the help of chrome plating services to spruce up older pieces of jewellery.

For instance, they may have inherited grandparents’ wedding rings that they want to give a new lease of life, in which case covering them in a layer of chrome could make them look as good as new.

This is particularly good advice for younger brides and grooms, as this age group tends to spend the most on their nuptials. In fact, first-timers between 18 and 34 end up shelling out as much as £21,109 for their Big Day.