West London Becomes 4×4 Hotspot

For many people, their car is simply a means of transport. However, for others, it is a status symbol, showing off to friends, family and even passers-by their affluent lifestyle.

Four-wheel drive owners are split between the two, with many some being rural dwellers and farmers, while the other half are financiers and business people who drive around in their 4x4s to boast their status.

According to Admiral insurance, those living in West London are particularly fond of four-wheel drives, despite having no need to use the vehicles to their full capacity.

Indeed, while six out of the top ten locations in the UK for 4x4s were in Aberdeenshire –which is likely to be due to the region’s mountainous terrain and heavy winters – as many as three were in West London, despite the mild climate and urban streets.

Alistair Hargreaves, head of service at Admiral, said: “There are two types of drivers for whom [4x4s] are an essential drive; those who need them because the landscape they live in requires it and those who want to drive a 4×4 for its specifications, comfort and prestige.”

After farmer, the occupations that are most likely to drive four-wheel drives are property developers, with 27.34 per cent of those in this career owning a 4×4, followed by stockbroker (27.21 per cent), company director (25.63 per cent) and property landlord (24.42 per cent).

Company secretaries, investment managers, merchant bankers, directors of finance and chartered surveyors completed the list of top ten occupations driving a 4×4.

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