Top Bathroom Trends Of 2016

If you fancy redecorating your bathroom and want it to look up to date with the latest in interior design trends, read here to find out what the top washroom looks are for 2016.

Natural Materials

Wood will become very popular in bathrooms this year, so expect to see timber floors or wooden features on sinks, walls, shelving and cupboards.

It is not just wood that is popular, as natural stone will also feature. You could opt for a stone floor or choose tiles that have a stone effect for a really simple look.


While the 80s saw lilac and avocado-coloured bathrooms take centre stage, this year is all about black and white suites. This trend is regarded as timeless, so you can get away with having this look for several years to come.

You could even invest in an entirely black bath to contrast against your chrome plated taps, and opt for crisp white tiles on the walls and floors.

Modern Technology

Although bathroom designs are being kept relatively traditional and natural-looking, this does not mean your appliances are old-fashioned. In fact, more and more people are opting for high-tech showers, taps and toilets.

You can even get Bluetooth enabled showers that can connect to the internet, so you can play music while you wash!

Open Shelving

If you are good at keeping your belongings neat and tidy and do not clutter, you will love the new trend for open shelving. Make your bathroom look like a spa with rolled up towels, dinky little products and a delicate display of soaps.

However, for those who want to keep their shampoos, razors and medicines out of eyesight, this trend may be one you pass by this year.