Top Vintage Accessories For A Close Shave

While shaving your face is probably part of your daily routine, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a professional close shave. 

And instead of going to a traditional barber’s for the privilege, you can enjoy a close shave at home using these great vintage accessories.

Chrome straight razors

If you want an authentic razor from days gone by, you should consider getting chrome plating to restore it back to its former glory. Once you have your hands on a newly chrome-plated razor, you have the essential tool when it comes to performing a close shave – as long as you have a steady hand!

Badger shaving brush

To get enough shaving foam lather on your face, you need a traditional badger shaving brush. These are traditionally made with badger hair, although you can find ones that use synthetic fibres these days.

A good-quality one will ensure a creamy coating so you have enough shaving foam on your face before you start shaving.

Shaving bowl

Next, you will need a shaving bowl, so you can mix your cream into a nice thick foam with your badger hair brush.

Technically speaking, any bowl will do, but if you want to look the part, it’s a good idea to invest in a chrome-plated shaving bowl. You can even find ones that come in sets, with stands, a brush and a razor included.

Leather shaving strop

This is a leather or canvas strip of material that is used to polish your straight razor blades.

As you cannot throw away the blades like you would with your disposable razor, you also need to ensure they are kept sharpened at all times for a nice, clean close shave.