New Nintendo 2DS XL Gets A Chrome Look

Metallics are a hot trend everywhere this season it seems, and the gaming sector is no exception. Nintendo recently announced that its new 2DS XL will come in a Dragon Quest Liquid Metal edition.

The console features a metal slime design, with a cute face that’s raised so it looks like it’s looking at you when the gadget is laid flat.

It’s due to be released as a bundle with the new Dragon Quest XI: In Search Of Departed Time at the end of July, so gaming fans still have a few months to wait until they can get their hands on this version of the handheld console.

Also bear in mind that it is released in Japan on 29 July, and while you can pre-order it, you may have to wait a little while for it to ship. It’s also a bit more pricey than the standard 2DS XL, coming in at 22,480 yen (£155).

While new games and handheld devices are always exciting, there’s also a lot of love for childhood favourites that have been superseded. The Nintendo Gameboy is a classic example – and one that was brought back to life earlier this year.

Retro-bit released a Super Retro Boy – a hand-held games console designed to mimic the original Gameboy. It has been updated a bit, with a colour screen for one thing, but it can still play original Gameboy cartridges.

If you’ve still got an old Gameboy knocking around and fancy giving it a bit of an update, why not send it to have part of the case chrome plated? You could jump on two trends in one – the chrome metal look and the resurgence in old-school gaming.

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