Best 3 Chrome Alloy Cleaners


If your alloys are looking worn then you might be interested in our chrome restoration to bring that perfect shine back to your wheels, when cleaning just won’t cut the mustard.

For most car enthusiasts keeping your vehicle looking its best can be a never-ending task – and wheels and alloys usually are the first area to feel the effects to dirt from the roads.

Sometimes it takes a more specialised product specifically for this area to tackle the grime, but which to choose? Luckily Evo have done the hard work for us and found the best cleaners currently on the market.

First place, and slightly higher priced at £15, is Bilt Hamber auto-wheel cleaner, famous for its purple hue. Over the years, the formula has remained great, but the known lingering bad smell of this product in the past has been replaced with a favourable fruity scent. It’s great for getting rid of that hard to shift grease and oil.

Second place goes to Black Diamond Alloy Shine, affordably priced at £8 and great for cars that need a more delicate cleaning solution. Because It’s a gentler formula, it’s great for use on slightly more sensitive areas such as chrome and only need to be left for 60 seconds, which makes it great for giving your wheels a super quick refresh.

Third place, and coming in at £10 per bottle, is Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Cleaner. This product has hundreds of great online reviews all scoring it 5 star. It’s important to remember that this formula is acid based, so no grime is too tough for it, although there are many areas listed to avoid when using this product, so beware not to use it anywhere on your car you shouldn’t!