Customise Your Motorbike With A Touch Of Chrome

If you want to make your motorbike truly your own, you should consider customising parts of it. But if you’re not sure where to start, you may find the advice from Motorcycle Cruiser helpful.


The website has set out some dos and don’ts when it comes to motorbike customisation, to ensure you look ultra-cool on the roads.


It starts by talking about bolt-ons, and the fact that while you should make sure your accessories are of a complementary style, they don’t all need to have the same finish.


That means you can mix chrome parts with polished aluminium ones if you want, and the bike will still look great. If you already have some chrome bolt-ons that are looking a bit worse for wear, consider sending them for chrome restoration to bring them back to their best.


And this ties in nicely with another point made by Motorcycle Cruiser – namely that chrome can be easily scratched, so to take care when you’re installing parts in this metal.


There’s also plenty of scope to be creative when it comes to motorcycle customisation too, with the site noting that if the parts you want for your fender aren’t available for your particular model you can always modify stock bodywork to get the look you want.


Another piece of advice if you do fit chrome parts to your bike is to avoid using abrasive cleaners on the metal, as these will damage it.


If you want some inspiration to see just how creative you can get with chrome customisation of not just bikes, but cars as well, check out the chrome-look 1971 Ford Torino that was recently auctioned off. Artist Ioan Flores went to town on the auto, covering it in stunning custom-made bodywork.