Give The Best Wedding Gifts This Year

Are you looking for chroming services for the wedding of a close relative or friend, and aren’t sure where to look?

Contact us to see if we can help you bring a new lease of life to an item to make a perfect gift, but in the meantime, check out these gifting etiquette tips to make sure you get it perfect every time.



You shouldn’t spend less than about £30 if you are going to buy them a gift. Obviously you may need to purchase a gift towards the lower end of that spectrum for financial reasons, in which case can you do up an item you already own by getting it repaired or replated?



Heirloom gifts are increasing popular, and now is the time to dust off that old picture frame you got for your wedding but don’t really use, metal ornaments or jewellery that needs to be passed on and see if they need any repairs. We can advise on chrome plating and a jeweller may be able to advise on any other repairs needed.


Bed, bath and entertaining

Whether or not they have a register, you should consider the above trio when finding a suitable present for a new couple. Bed sheets, bath towels and fun kitchen and entertaining items are ideal. Think about cocktail accoutrement for a fun loving couple, and special serving platters and salad bowls for foodies. You can never have enough glasses and everyone loves a good sharp knife.

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