Where does the cost in Chrome Plating come from?

Most of the cost in chroming is down to the preparation. You’ve got initial degreasing and then stripping of any of the old finish, that’s the unsightly chrome that you don’t like. The big cost is then in the hand finishing of usually quite awkwardly shaped components. On top of this, particularly with exhausts part, they have to be sealed up before anything goes in to the tanks. The materials, chemicals and metals involved are expensive in themselves.

ChromePlating.co.uk only uses quality chrome.

The procedures for chrome plating in outline are: after prepping the metal it goes through a series of tanks, in a particular sequence and for set times. A major step is processing the part in a copper plating tank and then carefully cleaning in another solution. Then it’s ready for placement in a chroming tank and left in there for a time that’s individually calculated depending on the piece in question. After coming out of the tanks it is buffed and polished for a brilliant shine.
It’s more involved than this brief description: temperatures and chemical concentrations have to be carefully maintained. Plus there are the regular inspections and environmental issues to adhere to all the time.

Taking the time and care to make sure you get a first class finish is what you are really paying for in the end.

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