Could Chrome Plating Enlarge Your Hall?

Chrome plating is a great way of giving ordinary objects a new, modern lease of life, while the metallic effect can also help create the illusion of light and space.

BT has revealed that using shiny materials can help make your hallway more interesting, and said that metallic detailing and metallic objects d’art could be just the ticket when sprucing up a reception room.

“… metallic detailing reflects light and adds a sophisticated edge and could be complimented with a metal plate,” it is suggested.

But it is not just an opportunity to try chrome plating some choice pieces or furnishings that can transform a space, homeowners are recommended to explore wallpapers with geometric patterns and metallic panels to help enlarge a hall space, while artistic statements bring interesting focal points into the room.

A strategic mirror placement is another way to add the illusion of space and light – not to mention it’s handy when checking your appearance before dashing out to work in the morning.

Finally, homeowners are recommended to invest in a hallway runner to help change the colour scheme and make the room look more inviting after a hard day at the office.

Chrome plating not only brings the illusion of light and space thanks to its reflective qualities, but it could help give your home the Scandinavian edge.

Domain revealed recently that a luxe-Scandi style of home includes little details like a chrome-plated tap – which adds a finishing touch to a sleek, modern Scandinavian interior.