Do You Receive Unwanted Gifts At Christmas?

We all know what December is like – you race around looking for the perfect presents for your friends and family, hoping that they’ll love what they unwrap come Christmas Day.


But a survey by Policy Expert has revealed that 77% of Christmas gifts are unwanted. reported on the research, which saw 5,000 people quizzed about Christmas presents.


Interestingly, 54% of those questioned said that giving gifts was their favourite part of the festive season. However, when it comes to receiving them it seems we’re a little less grateful.


One in four people said they would try to re-gift something they didn’t want, while the same number again said they’d keep an unwanted present, but just not use it. Meanwhile, over a third of those surveyed will donate their unwanted gifts to charity.


There are even a small number (4%) who have sold items they didn’t want on ebay, and one in ten have tried to return something they didn’t like.


But what other options are there if you get a gift that you’re not so thrilled with on Christmas morning? Well, depending on the item you could give it a fresh look by sending it off for chrome plating.


This option can work particularly well for jewellery, home accessories and car parts, so consider it if you find yourself opening something that just doesn’t seem like you.


And when you’re giving presents, try to put a bit of extra thought into what you’re buying to avoid giving someone else the same problem. Last month we even talked about how you can wrap your items creatively using a scarf, so have some fun this Christmas.