Galaxy S8 In Rose Gold Due Soon

We will chrome plate anything, and one of our more popular products at the moment is gold plated iPhones, sometimes with personalisation.

The sheer popularity of this look has been made clear in a recent leak: Samsung are planning on making their next Galaxy S8 model available in a rose gold colour.

Though the source of the leak isn’t certain, (pictures of a rose gold variant appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo) it is possible that the 6.2-inch S8+ variant  will be launched sporting a light rose gold finish. Read more at Trusted Reviews.

Those images have now disappeared, but a girl can dream.

There is already a pink gold variant available of the Galaxy S7 and the S8 is already available a total of five colours that include Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Artic Silver and Maple Gold.

There is as yet no confirmation from Samsung that the launch is going ahead however.

Rose gold has been a very popular colour for a number of years now, alongside similar colours such as copper and more recently blush and even millennial pink.

The rose gold iPhone was launched in 2015, making it a must have item for years to come. Pantone has also been in on the game naming rose quartz its joint colour of the year in 2016 and then naming pale dogwood one of its colours or spring 2017.

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