Harley-Davidson Unveils New CVO Lineup

There are few bikes that are as iconic as a Harley-Davidson and the motorcycle manufacturer is still producing stunning bikes that make you want to drive off into the sunset towards empty, winding roads. 

Any motorcycle fans will therefore be excited at the prospect of the new CVO 2018 models that have just been unveiled. 

Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) models are incredibly sought after and the ones released this year are no exception. This year they all feature a 117 engine, with 1923ccs of power for a start. There are also some blacked-out colourways, which is a departure from the chrome that usually characterises Harley-Davidson bikes, Motorcycle News revealed. 

But fear not, several of the models have chrome features on them, such as the CVO Street Glide, and the 115th Anniversary CVO Limited model.

In fact, the latter model features scorched chrome on the console inset, lower rockers and timer cover, as well as on an eagle medallion, according to Ultimate Motorcycling.

Chrome has long been a favourite with automakers and auto enthusiasts alike, because it looks stunning as well as being a durable coating for vehicle parts. 

Of course, you need to take care of the metal to ensure it always looks at its best, especially on a motorbike where it’s on display so clearly. That means you need to take care of your chrome to ensure it retains its shine, although a chrome plating service could help if you let it degrade too much

Rust is one of the biggest problems that affects chrome bike parts, so make sure you regularly clean your wheels to ensure they always shine. Using aluminium foil and water is a great way to remove rust spots without scratching the chrome finish underneath.