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kristian owner of chrome plating .co.uk Hello and thank you for visiting our site The ChromePlating.co.uk web site is owned by Chrome Plating UK.  It is based in Coventry and is an eBusiness servicing the entire UK . It is a specialist in electroplating metals such as chrome and it has also been gold plating jewellery and other small items for some time. More recently it has started catering for the growing demand for people to chrome plate all shapes and sizes of items as well as gold plate everyday electronic gadgets such as, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, iPods, games consoles and other gadgets. Through chromeplating.co.uk – GoldenLux will Chrome plate almost anything. Enjoy our website. Chromeplating.co.uk  is a brand of: Chrome Plating UK, The TechnoCentre, Puma Way, Coventry, West Midlands Tel: 02476 158437

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    If you want to see what the chrome plating  process is like then watch this video