How To Polish Chrome

Whether you’ve got an old bike that needs sprucing up or your car has seen better days, it’s important that you know how to give your chrome plated parts a good polish so you can give your belongings a new lease of life.

Luckily, it really couldn’t be easier to keep chrome plating looking as good as new. However, it is vitally important that you do get into a good routine of keeping your chrome surfaces clean and shiny, otherwise they can dull relatively quickly – and it can take longer to clean them up and have them looking beautiful again.

First of all, give your chrome a good rub-down to get rid of any dirt or debris sticking to the surface. If you don’t want to use a proper chrome cleaner, you can get the metal to a lovely shine by mixing water and baking soda together to make a paste. Apply it to the surface of the chrome and then leave for a couple of minutes before wiping away with a damp cloth.

Alternatively, you could even use a freezer bag filled with vinegar to get the dirt off your chrome. Just put whatever it is in the bag and leave overnight. Take the chrome out of the bag and wipe it down.

Of course, you can invest in proper chrome cleaners if you like and there are several brands out there to pick from. None of them are especially expensive (Autosol, for example, costs £3.85 or thereabouts, while Brasso will set you back £2.50) and they’ll last you ages, depending on what you have to clean up.