Is It Time To Start Your Christmas Shopping?

We can already hear you groaning at the mention of the C-word. It’s October, we haven’t even got through Halloween yet, but just hear us out.


Now is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping, and the Metro has explained exactly why you should be considering writing your list and hunting for gifts now.


The newspaper makes the very good point that you make better decisions when you’re not in a rush, so if you start looking for gifts now you’ve got plenty of time to find the perfect presents for everyone you need to buy for.


This also means that if you decide to go all-out and get someone special a personalised gift, you can order it and it will arrive in plenty of time. You could even use chrome plating services to make a gift particularly shiny and stunning.


Another reason to start your Christmas shopping now is to reduce the cost by giving you plenty of time to shop around for the best deals, not to mention the fact that it’ll spread your spending out over a few months instead of you having to find a big lump sum in December to cover all your gift purchases.


The newspaper offered a few top tips to help you manage your spending, number one of which is to set yourself a budget and stick to it. Paying for goods with cash, rather than card, is also a good way to reign in your spending, as people tend to spend less when paying with cash than when they put goods on plastic.


Research from American Express revealed that 8.2 million of us have already started to buy festive goodies, so if anything you’re slightly behind if you haven’t already purchased your first Christmas gift this year.