Motorists Hit By Jump In Petrol Prices

With the cost of petrol jumping to a 14-month high, motorists are going to be looking for ways to save their pennies.

Figures published by motoring group the AA revealed that average prices at the pump hit 114.99p per litre over the weekend and a number of analysts are predicting further rises to come.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, told CityAM that he expects fuel prices to surpass 115p per litre by the middle of the week, stating: “The average petrol price will inevitably break through the 115p a litre barrier tomorrow.”

And for diesel drivers that pain is already here, with average diesel prices currently at 116.99p per litre.

Fuel prices were also among the factors that contributed to a rise in inflation, according to the latest data published as part of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), indicating that it isn’t only motorists who are going to be feeling the pinch in the coming months.

So what can car owners who were hoping to have some spare cash to spend on their vehicles do? One option could be to spruce up the appearance of your vehicle by chrome plating existing parts, rather than splashing out on fitting entirely new parts.

Restoring wheel arches, wing mirrors, door handles and even gear sticks with a new chrome coating can bring a bit of bling to your ride, but without a hefty price tag. If your ambitions of saving up for a new ride have been dented by rising fuel prices, there may still be a way to look the part while you’re getting from A to B.