Natural Solutions To Cleaning Chrome

When chrome fixtures in your home are new, they look fantastic. That glint of silver metal in a bathroom, kitchen or even on furniture can really elevate a room, but over time the shine can wear off and the metal can seem to fade.

If you’ve been guilty of using abrasive chemicals to clean your chrome fittings, you might need to send them for re chroming to bring back their shine. But once you get them back looking as good as new, you need to care for them properly. 

An article for Fox10 TV recently offered some advice about how to make your chrome sparkle without having to resort to any of those damaging cleaning products. 

Natural solutions are the best options, with both rubbing alcohol and white vinegar good ways to remove spots and smears from chrome fixtures. Once you’ve cleaned the chrome using either substance on a cloth or sponge, you can buff it to shine it using a soft cloth. 

If you’re in a rush, a top tip to get your chrome fittings shiny in no time at all is to use a dryer fabric softener sheet. You can grab a used sheet for this, it doesn’t have to be fresh, and using lemon juice can also be a way to polish chrome, the news provider added.

And if you’re going to give your fixtures and fittings some TLC you may also want to look at your light fixtures while you’re at it. One stager for properties for sale recently told RealEstate Boston that sellers are best sticking to chrome or nickel light fittings in the kitchen and bathroom if they want their home to appeal to potential buyers.