Pimp Your Car With These Top Chrome Accessories

If you’ve just got your hands on a car and want to give it some character, why not add some chrome plating accessories to your motor?

Here are the most popular chrome fittings you could consider for your new wheels so you really look the part on the road.

Chrome trims

Perhaps the most common chrome accessory to add to a car is wheel trims. These instantly make your vehicle stand out, and help your wheels look bright and shiny.

Door handle covers

Similarly, if you want to make an older vehicle appear much newer and more modern, why not look for chrome door handle covers? The silver look will add a touch of class and, as long as your paintwork is not scratched, your vehicle will defy its years with this accessory.

Mirror covers

If you’re having your door handles changed, you might as well do the same with your side mirror covers and key openings as well.

Gearshift surround

Those who do not just want to make the outside of their car look pimped up, but want the interior to look fresh and new too could get themselves a gearshift surround in chrome. Add some new leather seat covers and a modern music system, and you’ll bring your vehicle into the 21st century.


Chrome bumpers work well if you’ve got an old car you want to update and make look modern, as well as if you have a vintage car. This is because these became particularly fashionable during the 1930s for those who wanted to make their car stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, those with old-fashioned vehicles would do well by adding a chrome bumper to their car to highlight its vintage features.