Prevent Tarnishing

If you are looking for chrome plating then you may want to find out how you can look after it best.

While we have already gone over how best to clean your chrome, how about finding out how you should prevent it from tarnishing in the first place?

There are a wide variety of ways you can do this.

Tarnishing is a process that all metals can experience, and it is caused by the oxidation of the metal by it reacting to the metal in the air. The oxide compounds it produces are often dark in nature (though with copper it can be a blue green).

In bathrooms you have the added problem of tarnishing being caused by the water having contact with the metal. Sulphur can also cause tarnishing, and is found both in the air and in water sources.

The easiest ways to prevent your chrome from tarnishing is to keep it as dry as possible. Obviously this may be difficult in a bathroom, but you can use microfiber cloths to wipe down surfaces or open windows to speed up evaporation.

Obviously heating your home adequately is a good way to prevent it getting damp and meaning water evaporates as quickly as possible.

Keeping your chrome away from the air is much harder on chrome fixtures. However, if the product is something like an iPhone or piece of jewellery you can store it in a cloth bag as much as possible which will protect it from the air and also other bumps, scrapes and scratches.