Galaxy S8 In Rose Gold Due Soon

We will chrome plate anything, and one of our more popular products at the moment is gold plated iPhones, sometimes with personalisation. The sheer popularity of this look has been made clear in a recent leak: Samsung are planning on making their next Galaxy S8 model available in a rose gold colour. Though the source […]

Update Kitchen Hardware To Introduce A New Look

The cost of refurbishing a kitchen can be significant, once you’ve taken into account the expense of buying and installing new cabinets, worktops and potentially even utilities. However, one design expert points out that there’s an easier way to revamp your kitchen, and one that won’t necessarily cost you a significant amount of money. Speaking […]

Have You Considered Chrome Plating Your Classic Cars?

Classic cars can be a real investment if you shop for makes and models wisely but you’ll be very lucky indeed if you find a vehicle to take home that doesn’t need a bit of work. That said, doing up a car is half the fun of owning a classic and luckily there are plenty […]