Trend Alert: Beard Jewellery?

Gold and chrome plating jewellery is usual for pieces such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches, but the newest jewellery trend might just surprise you. Whereas the women’s jewellery market is a much bigger market than men’s, this one is strictly for the boys.

What is it? It’s beard jewellery. Italian accessories brand Krato design has handmade jewellery to appeal to men with beards. They have a variety of gold and chrome plated pieces such as crows, skulls and anchors along with jewelled alternatives too.

It may seem like the latest novelty beard accessory, but with features on the likes of Design Boom, we can see the fashion magazines picking up this idea before too long. Then, after that, who knows we might see it make it onto the high street!

The ideal length of beard for displaying these designs is of medium length of at least 5cm to hold them in place and be enough hair to attach onto.

For many men, beards have become a fashion statement with various cultures adopting them into their look, meaning that this trend has the potential for global appeal. 

There are currently other brands in the market producing jewellery for bearded men, but what makes Krato designs unique is the spiral backing in an angular shape which is twisted into the beard to firmly hold the jewellery in place so you won’t have to worry about it falling off. In short, this is serious gold and chrome plated jewellery which you would want to know is safe, not just a passing novelty.