Update Kitchen Hardware To Introduce A New Look

The cost of refurbishing a kitchen can be significant, once you’ve taken into account the expense of buying and installing new cabinets, worktops and potentially even utilities.

However, one design expert points out that there’s an easier way to revamp your kitchen, and one that won’t necessarily cost you a significant amount of money.

Speaking to the Seattle Times about design trends for kitchens in 2017, interior designer Vern Yip explained that changing up items of kitchen hardware – such as door knobs, drawer handles and even hinges – can bring a different feeling to a room.

“The hardware in your kitchen is sort of like the jewellery and you can have fun adding that bit of bling,” Mr Yip commented.

And as metals such as chrome and pewter are becoming increasingly fashionable, you could breathe some new life into your cabinet handles by having them chrome plated – that way you don’t even need to buy new hardware, you can just update your existing items.

Another key design trend for 2017 is that of mixed metals, with a growing number of designers stressing that you don’t need to make everything in your kitchen match and can use different metals, from chrome to brass, to achieve a sophisticated and on-trend look.

If you want to add a splash of colour to your kitchen, Elle Decor recently highlighted the colours that have been tipped as favourites in the coming 12 months, including dusky blue, sunshine yellow and pastel pink.

Earthy green, mineral grey and blue-green are among the other hues that are expected to appear on a growing number of walls this year.