Vintage Car Artworks Go On Display

If you have a classic car you want to renovate then you might be interested in the best chrome plating services available to get your vehicle looking the best it can. It really could return a vintage car t its former glory, or even transform it into something new that tells a story about the modern day.

If you go back as far as the 1940s, there was one car that every teenage boy dreamed about, the low rider! is a vehicle customised to sit low to the ground and often painted in bright colourful artwork.

These days you’re unlikely to see to many of them on the roads, but you’ll be able to find these on show in various museums across the world. The Petersen Automotive Museum which is located in Los Angeles has a few on display along with lots of other vintage and classic cars, however these cars in particular are something a little special according to Waco Tribe. The lowrider was renowned for its bold appearance which featured plush luxurious interiors chrome plated wheels, and even more extravagant chrome plated engines.

However, those that appear in museum now are more than just a vehicle, as they now represent fine art and beautiful installations that will draw thousands of people into the museum for a glance at their wonder.

The exhibition at the museum called ‘The High Art of Riding Low’ showcases some incredible art on the cars bodies from some of the best Chicano artists from around the globe. You’ll find lots more to see in the exhibit such as wonderful photography work, paintings, sculptures, drawings and serigraphs, which celebrate this historical car. The exhibition which kicked off in June will be there to see for a whole year.