Want A Scandi-Style Bathroom? Make Sure You Have Chrome Taps

Scandinavian design styles have become incredibly popular all over the world, with more and more of us taking our interior decorating cues from concepts such as hygge.

One room that many people want to give a Scandi makeover to is their bathroom, with a few interior design experts in Australia offering some top tips to make sure you capture that feeling effectively. 

Speaking to Domain, they revealed that there are two approaches you can take to this trend – going for a purist version or a luxe-Scandi style. 

A key part of Scandi style is using texture and textiles to introduce warmth to a space that can easily be viewed as cold. Timber is the obvious choice, but adding touches like a bathmat with a shaggy pile can also help. 

Don’t forget about your taps either, as these can really enhance the overall design of the room. “Look for grey and chrome versions sleek in form and organic in shape,” Daniela Santilli, from Reece, explained.

If you’re going for the luxe version of this trend, tapware is still just as important, with Paul Conrad, of Conrad Architects, describing taps as “the essential finishing touch”. 

But if you’re already happy with the taps that you have – and they’ll work in a Scandinavian-style bathroom – you may prefer to send them for re chroming, so they look as good as new. 

Among the other home decor trends you may want to watch out for this autumn is a move towards raw materials, according to the Evening Standard.

This means more unfinished and reclaimed timber, concrete and industrial-style metals appearing in homes. Adding these touches to rooms like kitchens and bathrooms can really elevate them without costing the earth.