Want To Add Chrome To Your Truck? Take Inspiration From The States

We all know that over in the USA they like to do things bigger, better and brasher than anywhere else and, of course, there’s no exception when it comes to their vehicles.

Pick-ups, big trucks and all manner of SUVs are a common sight on the roads in the USA, and there are many out there who want to make their vehicles stand out. This was evident at the Joplin truck show recently, with the Joplin Globe noting that there was “no shortage of chrome” on display at the event.

“The brilliant metal glinted from bumpers, extra-noisy exhaust pipes and custom light fixtures worth thousands of dollars,” the newspaper revealed.

On show over the weekend were a host of tractor-trailer rigs, many of which featured a lot of the gleaming metal. Hub caps, bumpers and other decorative features have all been covered in chrome to make these trucks really stand out on the roads. 

One female trucker revealed that she loves the red and chrome combination, while another trucker told the news provider that he’d spent $30,000 on the green paint and custom fixtures for his two truck rigs. 

And these truckers take their chrome seriously, dedicating quite a bit of time to keeping them clean when they’re out and about. One driver said that she washes her 18-wheeler truck twice a week and dries it by hand. 

While you’re unlikely to want to spend anywhere near as much on your own vehicle, you could still add your own chrome bling by sending a couple of auto parts to a chroming service. If you’ve got a motorbike, you may want to take inspiration from the latest range of Harley Davidson CVO models.